An imprisoned young man breaks out

Movie submitted by nicole:

It is probably a US film about the 1940s in black / white.
A young man is imprisoned for a crime and comes in the course of his detention in a labor camp. Eventually he breaks out and make a new living while undetected, as an engineer who built bridges. He becomes even very popular and rich and get in contact with the High Society.
Then his past comes to light and he is supposed to take the rest of his former imprisonment. Whether he was imprisoned or fled directly, I do not know, but I do remember the final scene in which he is a refugee and he is asked how does he make a living and he whispers: “I steal”.

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japanese film on a killer who studied mesmerism

Movie submitted by davide guidi:

A policeman investigates strange deaths. All they have to do with a young loner: after meeting him, the victims were found dead. The officer is married to a woman who has serious mental problems and suicidal inclinations.

Thanks in advance


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nice movie

Movie submitted by alimud2015:

The film about a writer lives in the country and he loved a girl .. this girl has made a surgery to her nose and she in relationship with a
Drummer but there’s a teen girl loves the drummer to then the teen girl went to the girl house and she sent an emails to the drummer to destroy ther relationship . This teen girl discovered later a relationship between the writer who was old man and the girl and she took a picture to them and she sent it to his wife .
I wish you will find the title of this film .. iam searching for a year .. thanks

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Post Apocalyptic Cannibalism movie?

Movie submitted by Hannah:

I cannot recall much about this movie, because I woke up at the end of it and have been curious ever since. I recall that this movie is older, I wanna say the 80’s, make later, but it’s not new. There is a male protagonist, and he is underground (possibly in the dystopian future because everything is gross and dirty and unstructured) and is trying to help some humans get away from these maybe mutants, maybe cannibals. These cannibals take people and put them in this aztec sacrifice type contraption, and then their blood drains down this contraption into a trough and the cannibals drink from the trough with an upside down skull I believe? They might try and make the protagonists drink as well? I also think that there is some woman they save and they get away at the end I think. Sorry about the lack of details, I know it’s a stretch, but thanks for any help!

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Title forgotten, old comedy (’80-’90) – Resolved

Movie submitted by Cristiano:

Hi, sorry for my bad English (I try to use my English together with the google translator), i didn’t know a title of a film old (’80 -’90, certainly not after 90).

The genre of the film is a comedy.
The actor that I thought I remember was Chevy Chase (but I watched his entire filmography, and I found nothing … so I don’t think it’s him: P)
The film is set in Africa, I do not remember very well the story, but it looks like many of the movie with Chevy Chase where the protagonist has many misadventures. I remember for example with his jeep ended up in the water among the alligators.
But what I remember is the end: his co-star is a teacher of the elementary school that teaches English in African schools. Is reached after a long journey from the protagonist. Where, however, is unable to express his love for teacher because it is very shy, and every time he speaks with a woman begins to stutter.
The teacher to “cure” decides to kiss him.

I tried to look at the filmographies of the comedians that I remember … but I’ve never found anything.

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Idk. Not sure. Title forgotten.

Movie submitted by Eli:

Movie is about a man that is said to have the exact Birthdate & time as the devil. He will become the devil on his 30th or 36th birthday. Everywhere he goes there’s carnage & fighting & dogs barking around him due to the evil presence around him. He has no idea what’s happening to him. People just seem to want to be evil when he is around. This one scene he is in a hotel room and the guy in the next room hangs himself.

Please help. I have been looking for this movie for years. I’m a collector & would love to have the title in my collection.

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Louisiana swamps

Movie submitted by Sergio Bierti:

Movie location: Louisiana. Action movie. French-speaking hunter keeps the female first character in a semi-slavery since her late childhood, so that she even can’t read. The male first character saves her only when he’s able to conquer her trust

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Lost prisoners

Movie submitted by teddy hunt:

True story about WW2.
a german officer marched approx. 3000 concentration camp prisoners out of the camp and then marched them around and around Germany for over 2 months. He ordered everyone who fell down or fell behind shot or malled to death by dogs.
Sound brutal?
He marched them out on his own accord. Later when the camp was overrun by allies they found a letter on his desk. He was ordered by the high command to assisinate every single living person in the camp and report his men to the front.
Instead he marched them across Germany two or three times. After the first couple weeks he and the soldiers stopped shooting the weak and just left them lay, some of his troops deserted because the didn’t understand what he was doing. Finally his lead car stopped on a hill top and the starving sick and injured looked to see why he stopped.
He was trying to avoid his own army and SS while keeping American/English/frence troops alive until he met the American army. He might have had to keep up appearances and secrecy by shooting stragglers which was normal orders.
He managed to keep about 1500 prisoners alive until he could turn them over the U.S. after months of hiding in plain site INSIDE nazi Germany. During the final months of war he encountered lots of german troop columns but he would flash papers and claim secrecy and keep marching. If he been caught he would surely have been killed on the spot along with his prisoners. Hero? lunatic? traitor? Did he know the allies were going to win and saved the condemned as a bargaining chip? I don’t know.
I first read the book in broken bow NE. four u.s. soldiers from the camp put the book together. The one I knew has since died. I hope the story doenst die with them.

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Caught by a tribe

Movie submitted by Mark Smith:

The movie was an old one that I saw when I was a child in maybe late 60s early 70s. It was about a group of people that moved to an island where there was a native tribe there, they were caught by this tribe and the thing I remember about it is that they were tortured by a shield of bees by in the front and back of their bodies. That’s all I remember.

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I think Italian movie about boy with computer tutu

Movie submitted by rafal:

Hello there
I am looking for a movie. I think it’s late 80s 1985-1989.
Boy was called Luca Fortini and he had got a small computer called “TUTU” (two-two) or something like this.
He was living with his father and he was looking for his mother.
He runed away from home and finally found his mother on some mountain, she was trying to commit suicide, but he found her on time.

please help ­čÖé

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