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Movie about difference of age

Movie submitted by Languageslovers:Hi! I’d try to find this movie, also here and writing in English! Unfortunately, I know just the plot: the wife of a man died, leaving him with two teenage children: a male and a female. They … Continue reading

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Awaiting the end of the world

Movie submitted by Traci :The lady works as a switch board operator and attends a Jehovah Witness type church. The church members believe that this particular boy is their savior, and his message is go to the desert and await … Continue reading

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Prostitute in costumes. A lesbian in love with an etero. A chain of omicides. – Resolved

Movie submitted by AlessandroN:This is a film of the first half of the ’90s. Must be an Australian movie. It’s about a group of friends. I remember very well the story of a lesbian that she fall in love with … Continue reading

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A woman lost in the desert begins a new life – Resolved

Movie submitted by Wasp:The film is set in a petrol station with a restaurant, motel in a deserted area in America, the soundtrack is very popular, the main character is a robust middle-aged foreign woman who is abandoned by her … Continue reading

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Sex and love of a beautiful single woman

Movie submitted by Mary:This movie was in theaters around 2005 or 2006. Italian cast. Loved it so much but I do not remember neither the title nor an actress. It is the story of a woman (30/40 years) single and … Continue reading

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The mother is the father dressed as a woman

Movie submitted by Frank G:A man arrives in a battered station in Arizona where a strange family lives, a mother and three daughters. The guy quickly realize that they are crazy and runs away at night, but a car hit … Continue reading

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