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A brother and a sister are abandoned at a big farmhouse

Movie submitted by Marcoz Wells:The movie was set in the 1800s or maybe the early 1900s on the prairie or maybe in a desert or wilderness type setting. It was a horror/thriller type movie. In the trailer, a brother and … Continue reading

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Friends for diner

Movie submitted by Nico:Well theres not much I remember of the movie, just that a couple invited some friends over for diner (the whole movie . I think – is in the living room and then the dinner table). I … Continue reading

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New film

Movie submitted by sally:Hi, a few months ago I saw a short trailer about this movie, where a young girl goes to to live with a family for a while where she can record sounds for her movie or sth … Continue reading

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What’s the name of this movie/or show??

Movie submitted by Sophie Annalyse:Ok so a while back I saw a show or movie but I can’t remember it’s title. from what I remember vaguely, it was a movie on people lives in some focused on the daughter … Continue reading

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Movie submitted by Jonathan Skurtu:How we organize our lives. Unseen men, and women pulling the strings, have developed clones to put into positions of management throughout the united states. These clones are the reason for the lack of opportunity and … Continue reading

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Musafir: Story of an Expatriate Traveler

Movie submitted by koushik chatterjee:Musafir (Indian meaning –> Traveler) Story of a boy 22 left his home, who lost his parents at the age of 10, left his uncle’s house, to him life is short live passionately, he is a … Continue reading

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