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japanese film on a killer who studied mesmerism

Movie submitted by davide guidi:A policeman investigates strange deaths. All they have to do with a young loner: after meeting him, the victims were found dead. The officer is married to a woman who has serious mental problems and suicidal … Continue reading

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Post Apocalyptic Cannibalism movie?

Movie submitted by Hannah:I cannot recall much about this movie, because I woke up at the end of it and have been curious ever since. I recall that this movie is older, I wanna say the 80’s, make later, but … Continue reading

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Idk. Not sure. Title forgotten.

Movie submitted by Eli:Movie is about a man that is said to have the exact Birthdate & time as the devil. He will become the devil on his 30th or 36th birthday. Everywhere he goes there’s carnage & fighting & … Continue reading

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Lost prisoners

Movie submitted by teddy hunt:True story about WW2. a german officer marched approx. 3000 concentration camp prisoners out of the camp and then marched them around and around Germany for over 2 months. He ordered everyone who fell down or … Continue reading

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Erotic movie (probably American) set in past (seemingly), includes lesbian scenes

Movie submitted by helen:There is that guy who likes to watch other women and imagines having them on top of him (always on top). Lesbian scene includes a woman who looks very much like Shannen Doherty (or maybe it was … Continue reading

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Genetically engineered classes of humans

Movie submitted by Shelley:Set in the future where humans were no longer born but engineered to fit a certain class. A were the elite, smart and beautiful, B the next level down, C the workers. You did not mix outside … Continue reading

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In a neighborhood, fathers compete against each other

Movie submitted by praii:In a neighborhood, fathers compete against each other by making toy racing cars for a race so that there kids win, but realize joining there strength is the secret and build a super fast car… ____________Related posts:Sex … Continue reading

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Advanced house

Movie submitted by chandra:This movie is about a advanced house with robotics used to work the house, the house overrides instruction given by its creator. In the end the house wants to pro create, and it does. ____________Related posts:Movie about … Continue reading

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Friends for diner

Movie submitted by Nico:Well theres not much I remember of the movie, just that a couple invited some friends over for diner (the whole movie . I think – is in the living room and then the dinner table). I … Continue reading

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Cursed Ring

Movie submitted by Clarence:I need the title of an old movie. It is the story of a ring that is removed from the finger of a died old woman by a young woman. Once back home strange incidents occur, such … Continue reading

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