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An imprisoned young man breaks out

Movie submitted by nicole:It is probably a US film about the 1940s in black / white. A young man is imprisoned for a crime and comes in the course of his detention in a labor camp. Eventually he breaks out … Continue reading

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japanese film on a killer who studied mesmerism

Movie submitted by davide guidi:A policeman investigates strange deaths. All they have to do with a young loner: after meeting him, the victims were found dead. The officer is married to a woman who has serious mental problems and suicidal … Continue reading

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nice movie

Movie submitted by alimud2015:The film about a writer lives in the country and he loved a girl .. this girl has made a surgery to her nose and she in relationship with a Drummer but there’s a teen girl loves … Continue reading

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Post Apocalyptic Cannibalism movie?

Movie submitted by Hannah:I cannot recall much about this movie, because I woke up at the end of it and have been curious ever since. I recall that this movie is older, I wanna say the 80’s, make later, but … Continue reading

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Title forgotten, old comedy (’80-’90) – Resolved

Movie submitted by Cristiano:Hi, sorry for my bad English (I try to use my English together with the google translator), i didn’t know a title of a film old (’80 -’90, certainly not after 90). The genre of the film … Continue reading

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Idk. Not sure. Title forgotten.

Movie submitted by Eli:Movie is about a man that is said to have the exact Birthdate & time as the devil. He will become the devil on his 30th or 36th birthday. Everywhere he goes there’s carnage & fighting & … Continue reading

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Louisiana swamps

Movie submitted by Sergio Bierti:Movie location: Louisiana. Action movie. French-speaking hunter keeps the female first character in a semi-slavery since her late childhood, so that she even can’t read. The male first character saves her only when he’s able to … Continue reading

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Lost prisoners

Movie submitted by teddy hunt:True story about WW2. a german officer marched approx. 3000 concentration camp prisoners out of the camp and then marched them around and around Germany for over 2 months. He ordered everyone who fell down or … Continue reading

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Caught by a tribe

Movie submitted by Mark Smith:The movie was an old one that I saw when I was a child in maybe late 60s early 70s. It was about a group of people that moved to an island where there was a … Continue reading

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I think Italian movie about boy with computer tutu

Movie submitted by rafal:Hello there I am looking for a movie. I think it’s late 80s 1985-1989. Boy was called Luca Fortini and he had got a small computer called “TUTU” (two-two) or something like this. He was living with … Continue reading

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