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Searching for an erotic softcore movie, a women and a beggar in limo or car

Movie submitted by vista.37:I am searching for erotic softcore scene. A man and women in limo or car. Maybe the man is blind, i forgot. Anyway they pick up a homeless or beggar or sponger “panhandler” from the street and … Continue reading

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Movie about difference of age

Movie submitted by Languageslovers:Hi! I’d try to find this movie, also here and writing in English! Unfortunately, I know just the plot: the wife of a man died, leaving him with two teenage children: a male and a female. They … Continue reading

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Husband and wife

Movie submitted by antonio mejia:Name of an italian movie of 1970’s in which once married, the husband can not make love to her wife, at the end, he make love to her mother in law. ____________Related posts:A tragic Italian movieMother … Continue reading

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Recent film, boy and father in a suburb of London

Movie submitted by Gimobae:A boy around 16 years old lives with his father in a suburb of London. This boy has several problem for his irregual conduct and for the relationships he has with his school. He has a girl … Continue reading

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Kidnapped girl – Resolved

Movie submitted by vivien:A girl is kidnapped. Parents pay the ransom, and is released. The girl says that the kidnappers have her boyfriend and a friend. Police arrest the kidnappers, but they say that the girl was in agreement with … Continue reading

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Two kids playing cards, father starts yelling

Movie submitted by Sam:I was very young so I couldn’t watch it because there was a lot of cursing, all I remember was a house where a family lived and there were 2 kids playing cards looked like jacks and … Continue reading

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Italian Erotic Comedy

Movie submitted by filmseeker:I watched this film on Italian TV at the end of the 80ies and think it’s an Italian movie, a bit in the style of some Pasquale Festa Campanile films…. in this film, a young woman somehow … Continue reading

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girl trapped in an apartment

Movie submitted by Antonio:A girl goes to an apartment of a building for a delivery.She is greeted by someone who soon disappears. When attempting to leave the door remains locked and can not get out. The place looks like a … Continue reading

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Hostages in a plane or train

Movie submitted by Gabriella:About this film, I remember that a gang of thieves and murderers take hostage the passengers of a plane or a train. In this gang not all are bad, in fact one of them (a guy with … Continue reading

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A prostitute get murdered

Movie submitted by Hoho:So this movie is about a prostitute which is taping herself with her clients and get murdered for this cuz she taped the wrong guy. Those who murdered her took all her tapes but cant find the … Continue reading

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