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Italian Erotic Comedy

Movie submitted by filmseeker:I watched this film on Italian TV at the end of the 80ies and think it’s an Italian movie, a bit in the style of some Pasquale Festa Campanile films…. in this film, a young woman somehow … Continue reading

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Title forgotten, old comedy (’80-’90) – Resolved

Movie submitted by Cristiano:Hi, sorry for my bad English (I try to use my English together with the google translator), i didn’t know a title of a film old (’80 -’90, certainly not after 90). The genre of the film … Continue reading

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Genetically engineered classes of humans

Movie submitted by Shelley:Set in the future where humans were no longer born but engineered to fit a certain class. A were the elite, smart and beautiful, B the next level down, C the workers. You did not mix outside … Continue reading

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A guy decided to “backstab” the Necromicon

Movie submitted by forgotmovie:Movie was a: Comedy, Dungeons and Dragons themed About a party that was on a quest, forest, evil sorcerer, etc. Your usual D&D humor Key scene I remember: A guy decided to “backstab” the Necromicon, he rolled … Continue reading

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A woman lost in the desert begins a new life – Resolved

Movie submitted by Wasp:The film is set in a petrol station with a restaurant, motel in a deserted area in America, the soundtrack is very popular, the main character is a robust middle-aged foreign woman who is abandoned by her … Continue reading

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Boys drive a Ferrari without the permission of the father and they destroy it – Resolved

Movie submitted by Brian Lee:Movie year 80/90. I remember the boys taking the Ferrari of the father of one of them and then put it on the stand with reverse gear to turn back the odometer but I think the … Continue reading

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