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Post Apocalyptic Cannibalism movie?

Movie submitted by Hannah:I cannot recall much about this movie, because I woke up at the end of it and have been curious ever since. I recall that this movie is older, I wanna say the 80’s, make later, but … Continue reading

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Lost prisoners

Movie submitted by teddy hunt:True story about WW2. a german officer marched approx. 3000 concentration camp prisoners out of the camp and then marched them around and around Germany for over 2 months. He ordered everyone who fell down or … Continue reading

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What’s the name of this movie/or show??

Movie submitted by Sophie Annalyse:Ok so a while back I saw a show or movie but I can’t remember it’s title. from what I remember vaguely, it was a movie on people lives in some focused on the daughter … Continue reading

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American road movie

Movie submitted by astronauta:I remember a few scene from this film: the plot deals with a child who drives a car (he uses a brick or something like that to reach the breaks). He must complete a card game or … Continue reading

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Musafir: Story of an Expatriate Traveler

Movie submitted by koushik chatterjee:Musafir (Indian meaning –> Traveler) Story of a boy 22 left his home, who lost his parents at the age of 10, left his uncle’s house, to him life is short live passionately, he is a … Continue reading

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A guy decided to “backstab” the Necromicon

Movie submitted by forgotmovie:Movie was a: Comedy, Dungeons and Dragons themed About a party that was on a quest, forest, evil sorcerer, etc. Your usual D&D humor Key scene I remember: A guy decided to “backstab” the Necromicon, he rolled … Continue reading

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Indian tribe living in a hidden valley

Movie submitted by Brian Lee:I have a vague memory of a film seen years ago, at night. It’s about a white man who, in present time, discovers an Indian tribe living in a hidden valley that tries to avoid any … Continue reading

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Kid leaves home to join a circus

Movie submitted by Phoenix:50s or 60s movie. It is about a boy who leaves home to join a circus just arrived in his city. In this circus he becomes a horse rider. Heeeeelp! ____________Related posts:Cant remember the title… plsss help … Continue reading

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