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Movie about difference of age

Movie submitted by Languageslovers:Hi! I’d try to find this movie, also here and writing in English! Unfortunately, I know just the plot: the wife of a man died, leaving him with two teenage children: a male and a female. They … Continue reading

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Recent film, boy and father in a suburb of London

Movie submitted by Gimobae:A boy around 16 years old lives with his father in a suburb of London. This boy has several problem for his irregual conduct and for the relationships he has with his school. He has a girl … Continue reading

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Advanced house

Movie submitted by chandra:This movie is about a advanced house with robotics used to work the house, the house overrides instruction given by its creator. In the end the house wants to pro create, and it does. ____________Related posts:Movie about … Continue reading

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What’s the name of this movie/or show??

Movie submitted by Sophie Annalyse:Ok so a while back I saw a show or movie but I can’t remember it’s title. from what I remember vaguely, it was a movie on people lives in some focused on the daughter … Continue reading

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Movie submitted by Jonathan Skurtu:How we organize our lives. Unseen men, and women pulling the strings, have developed clones to put into positions of management throughout the united states. These clones are the reason for the lack of opportunity and … Continue reading

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Musafir: Story of an Expatriate Traveler

Movie submitted by koushik chatterjee:Musafir (Indian meaning –> Traveler) Story of a boy 22 left his home, who lost his parents at the age of 10, left his uncle’s house, to him life is short live passionately, he is a … Continue reading

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Mother and daughter, estranged spouse, marriage, relationships, growing old/ageing

Movie submitted by Gabriella:Hi, my question is about an Italian movie, probably made in the last 20 years. In the beginning, a woman is forced to bring up a daughter on her own as she is estranged from her husband … Continue reading

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Movie submitted by Mat Slagle:The year, 1996. The company, Biocore, was the leading testing plant for the development of bio-chemical weaponry. They were in the process of harnessing and weaponizing a rare form of Tuberculosis to use against enemy countries. … Continue reading

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A guy decided to “backstab” the Necromicon

Movie submitted by forgotmovie:Movie was a: Comedy, Dungeons and Dragons themed About a party that was on a quest, forest, evil sorcerer, etc. Your usual D&D humor Key scene I remember: A guy decided to “backstab” the Necromicon, he rolled … Continue reading

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The Angry Birds

Movie submitted by Tommy Quah:The story begins in a distant planet, when a race of pig-like aliens are planning to build a Dyson sphere using slaves. The pig-like aliens’ leader decided to organize a reconnaissance mission to search for planets … Continue reading

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