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Mother and daughter, estranged spouse, marriage, relationships, growing old/ageing

Movie submitted by Gabriella:Hi, my question is about an Italian movie, probably made in the last 20 years. In the beginning, a woman is forced to bring up a daughter on her own as she is estranged from her husband … Continue reading

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Italian Movie, a girl who met a man in a ferry

Movie submitted by Riquelme:I dont remember a shit tbh. There was a girl who met a man in a ferry. Then she gets in his car and goes to his place. Had sex with him. Later the mans son arrives … Continue reading

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A guy decided to “backstab” the Necromicon

Movie submitted by forgotmovie:Movie was a: Comedy, Dungeons and Dragons themed About a party that was on a quest, forest, evil sorcerer, etc. Your usual D&D humor Key scene I remember: A guy decided to “backstab” the Necromicon, he rolled … Continue reading

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Bizzare movie about cameras

Movie submitted by Susan:This movie is about how there are cameras and video tapes rolling where ever you go. In the mall, dressing rooms, department stores. The manager of this store is a big cocaine and sex addict. He sleeps … Continue reading

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Sex and love of a beautiful single woman

Movie submitted by Mary:This movie was in theaters around 2005 or 2006. Italian cast. Loved it so much but I do not remember neither the title nor an actress. It is the story of a woman (30/40 years) single and … Continue reading

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