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Movie about difference of age

Movie submitted by Languageslovers:Hi! I’d try to find this movie, also here and writing in English! Unfortunately, I know just the plot: the wife of a man died, leaving him with two teenage children: a male and a female. They … Continue reading

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Recent film, boy and father in a suburb of London

Movie submitted by Gimobae:A boy around 16 years old lives with his father in a suburb of London. This boy has several problem for his irregual conduct and for the relationships he has with his school. He has a girl … Continue reading

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Two kids playing cards, father starts yelling

Movie submitted by Sam:I was very young so I couldn’t watch it because there was a lot of cursing, all I remember was a house where a family lived and there were 2 kids playing cards looked like jacks and … Continue reading

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Hostages in a plane or train

Movie submitted by Gabriella:About this film, I remember that a gang of thieves and murderers take hostage the passengers of a plane or a train. In this gang not all are bad, in fact one of them (a guy with … Continue reading

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Idk. Not sure. Title forgotten.

Movie submitted by Eli:Movie is about a man that is said to have the exact Birthdate & time as the devil. He will become the devil on his 30th or 36th birthday. Everywhere he goes there’s carnage & fighting & … Continue reading

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Tv movie seen on Hallmark a couple of years back

Movie submitted by Lola:The plot revolves around a marriage between a female british politician marrying a problematic aristocrat who appears drunk and cross dressed at the day of their wedding… it continues in Italy on their honeymoon where they constantly … Continue reading

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She falls pregnant

Movie submitted by vanessa odonovan:She falls pregnant. Father is pilot in war and denies paternity. She must marry and farmer agrees to marry her without meeting her. They marry but he forgets the ring. They fall in love gradually ____________Related … Continue reading

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Friends for diner

Movie submitted by Nico:Well theres not much I remember of the movie, just that a couple invited some friends over for diner (the whole movie . I think – is in the living room and then the dinner table). I … Continue reading

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New film

Movie submitted by sally:Hi, a few months ago I saw a short trailer about this movie, where a young girl goes to to live with a family for a while where she can record sounds for her movie or sth … Continue reading

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What’s the name of this movie/or show??

Movie submitted by Sophie Annalyse:Ok so a while back I saw a show or movie but I can’t remember it’s title. from what I remember vaguely, it was a movie on people lives in some focused on the daughter … Continue reading

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