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Husband and wife

Movie submitted by antonio mejia:Name of an italian movie of 1970’s in which once married, the husband can not make love to her wife, at the end, he make love to her mother in law. ____________Related posts:A tragic Italian movieMother … Continue reading

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Italian Erotic Comedy

Movie submitted by filmseeker:I watched this film on Italian TV at the end of the 80ies and think it’s an Italian movie, a bit in the style of some Pasquale Festa Campanile films…. in this film, a young woman somehow … Continue reading

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Caught by a tribe

Movie submitted by Mark Smith:The movie was an old one that I saw when I was a child in maybe late 60s early 70s. It was about a group of people that moved to an island where there was a … Continue reading

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Erotic movie (probably American) set in past (seemingly), includes lesbian scenes

Movie submitted by helen:There is that guy who likes to watch other women and imagines having them on top of him (always on top). Lesbian scene includes a woman who looks very much like Shannen Doherty (or maybe it was … Continue reading

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To Greece

Movie submitted by Barbara Hall:A woman in England leaves her ungrateful family goes to Greece for a better life ____________Related posts:No related posts

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Movie submitted by vicente valenzuela:movie about the mexican and yaqui wars in early 1900’s ____________Related posts:No related posts

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Tv movie seen on Hallmark a couple of years back

Movie submitted by Lola:The plot revolves around a marriage between a female british politician marrying a problematic aristocrat who appears drunk and cross dressed at the day of their wedding… it continues in Italy on their honeymoon where they constantly … Continue reading

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Friends for diner

Movie submitted by Nico:Well theres not much I remember of the movie, just that a couple invited some friends over for diner (the whole movie . I think – is in the living room and then the dinner table). I … Continue reading

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Cant think of the name, please help

Movie submitted by derek:So this movie has anywhere from 4-8 strangers who wake up in like an abandoned factory not knowing how they got there. It turns out they are connected somehow, and one of them ends up being responsible … Continue reading

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New film

Movie submitted by sally:Hi, a few months ago I saw a short trailer about this movie, where a young girl goes to to live with a family for a while where she can record sounds for her movie or sth … Continue reading

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