Italian Erotic Comedy

Movie submitted by filmseeker:

I watched this film on Italian TV at the end of the 80ies and think it’s an Italian movie, a bit in the style of some Pasquale Festa Campanile films…. in this film, a young woman somehow ends up in a rather flamboyant villa with rather strange inhabitants where she is kept against her will… at one scene she is tied to a bed and her pubic hair is shaved off by three women while she is angrily protesting… later, she gives in and spends her days walking around in the house naked, making friends with some of the inhabitants… one of them is a paintress who asks her to sit for a canvass-portrait… while she is sitting for the portrait, another person comes in and is carressing her between her legs against her will, while the paintress is demanding from her that she sits still and doesn’t move…later on, you see the “portrait” and it is a gigantic painting of her intimate parts… all in all, it’s a rather decadent setting, a bit like in the Polanski-movie “What?”… it’s probably an Italian (or definitely European) film, that couldn’t be produced any later than by 1990 (probably in between 1975-1985)…Campanile would be a good guess as a director, but apparently it is not so…. any ideas anybody? the movie is not “What?” (alternate title “Diary of Forbidden Dreams”) by Polanski and (probably) not “Domani non siamo più qui”

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