Title forgotten, old comedy (’80-’90) – Resolved

Movie submitted by Cristiano:

Hi, sorry for my bad English (I try to use my English together with the google translator), i didn’t know a title of a film old (’80 -’90, certainly not after 90).

The genre of the film is a comedy.
The actor that I thought I remember was Chevy Chase (but I watched his entire filmography, and I found nothing … so I don’t think it’s him: P)
The film is set in Africa, I do not remember very well the story, but it looks like many of the movie with Chevy Chase where the protagonist has many misadventures. I remember for example with his jeep ended up in the water among the alligators.
But what I remember is the end: his co-star is a teacher of the elementary school that teaches English in African schools. Is reached after a long journey from the protagonist. Where, however, is unable to express his love for teacher because it is very shy, and every time he speaks with a woman begins to stutter.
The teacher to “cure” decides to kiss him.

I tried to look at the filmographies of the comedians that I remember … but I’ve never found anything.

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3 Responses to Title forgotten, old comedy (’80-’90) – Resolved

  1. Kalos says:

    Hi, this reminds me the South African “The Gods Must Be Crazy”, 1980, where there are no famous actours.

    The story of the shy protagonist and the teacher is just a part of the whole plot.


  2. Cristiano says:

    Thx a lot!!! You are my new hero!!!

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