Post Apocalyptic Cannibalism movie?

Movie submitted by Hannah:

I cannot recall much about this movie, because I woke up at the end of it and have been curious ever since. I recall that this movie is older, I wanna say the 80’s, make later, but it’s not new. There is a male protagonist, and he is underground (possibly in the dystopian future because everything is gross and dirty and unstructured) and is trying to help some humans get away from these maybe mutants, maybe cannibals. These cannibals take people and put them in this aztec sacrifice type contraption, and then their blood drains down this contraption into a trough and the cannibals drink from the trough with an upside down skull I believe? They might try and make the protagonists drink as well? I also think that there is some woman they save and they get away at the end I think. Sorry about the lack of details, I know it’s a stretch, but thanks for any help!

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