japanese film on a killer who studied mesmerism

Movie submitted by davide guidi:

A policeman investigates strange deaths. All they have to do with a young loner: after meeting him, the victims were found dead. The officer is married to a woman who has serious mental problems and suicidal inclinations.

Thanks in advance


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  1. castàlia says:

    Comment has been blocked. I wish it were recovered. Thank you, Castàlia.

    @davide: check out similar request on memocinema. 🙂

  2. davide says:

    Hi Castàlia,

    yes, it is. I completely forgot the “X” curved on the skin of the victims, the killers acted under hypnosis.

    Thank you very much indeed.


  3. castàlia says:

    Very well! 😉 Your plot was very clear. Now that you know the title you can see it again. Good bye, Castàlia. 🙂

  4. castàlia says:

    Resolved. Bye, Castàlia.

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