Hostages in a plane or train

Movie submitted by Gabriella:

About this film, I remember that a gang of thieves and murderers take hostage the passengers of a plane or a train. In this gang not all are bad, in fact one of them (a guy with glasses and hair pin) defends a pregnant blond woman, who has a gun pointed at her belly and she says: “Don’t hurt the baby”.
After the woman shakes and sweats, the “good” guy says: “She’s stressed”, while he puts a hand on the woman’s belly to see how she is and his boss replies: “I do not give a shit about the stress”, after which the good will be killed by members. I also remember that in this gang there was a brunette woman with short hair and that. puts his hand on woman’s belly to see how he is. I think that this film is of late 90s and early 2000, perhaps 2003/2004 .
Thanks in advance to all, I hope I was clear. Sorry for my English, I do not speak well

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  1. Gabriella says:

    I found the movie! It is “Death Train” (2003)

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