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Erotic movie (probably American) set in past (seemingly), includes lesbian scenes

Movie submitted by helen:There is that guy who likes to watch other women and imagines having them on top of him (always on top). Lesbian scene includes a woman who looks very much like Shannen Doherty (or maybe it was … Continue reading

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A true story of a young man who goes into the Forrest and can’t return back home

Movie submitted by Sam:A true story of a young man who goes into the Forrest and can’t return back home because of the river tide he lives off berries and has a book telling him which are poison he accidently … Continue reading

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To Greece

Movie submitted by Barbara Hall:A woman in England leaves her ungrateful family goes to Greece for a better life ____________Related posts:No related posts

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Genetically engineered classes of humans

Movie submitted by Shelley:Set in the future where humans were no longer born but engineered to fit a certain class. A were the elite, smart and beautiful, B the next level down, C the workers. You did not mix outside … Continue reading

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Movie submitted by vicente valenzuela:movie about the mexican and yaqui wars in early 1900’s ____________Related posts:No related posts

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