What’s the name of this movie/or show??

Movie submitted by Sophie Annalyse:

Ok so a while back I saw a show or movie but I can’t remember it’s title. from what I remember vaguely, it was a movie on people lives in some city.it focused on the daughter of of a mayor or cop(someone important in the city) and she always goes to some particular dinner where her and her father usually eat breakfeast.they’re she met an older man(btw the girl is a teen ) and she has a major crush on him and confesses wich je turns her down because of the age differences and she tries to flirt with him.(I think he’s in trouble with the law or something and he tries to do good deed and pic himself back up) Anyway he has no intrest in the girl so she decides to resort in using magic (wicca) and get a spell from a Wiccan store from a lady and gets the help of her friends telling them she” i wants a real man, not a little boy” (I think) and they do the spell in the woods. Meanwhile the man actually likes the owner of the dinner who’s used to have a daughter who passed away and since he has no place to stay he stays with her.she also show him where he daughters room used to be and tells him she loved pancakes.

~that’s all I remember from the movie/or show what is called???

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