Movie about orphaned brother and sister

Movie submitted by Var:

This film is probably from the early 2000 or maybe late 90’s.

Siblings picked up in a car by an uncle or distant family member after their parents die. The older man is evil, a scene of the two kids being locked in a car possibly on train tracks.

A woman who lives in a house over the ocean, the house is on stilts. A book with clues in it using letters of each word that is a warning. At some point the old lady who owns the house is decapitated and a storm comes and destroys the house on stilts.

The end scene has somrthing to do with a stage where someone is fighting during a play on a stage using pulleys and cables.

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  1. Kalos says:

    It looks like “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events”, 2004, with Jim Carrey.

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