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I have no idea, animal masked killers

Movie submitted by Frankie:So, I have no IDEA what the name of the movie was I saw it a few years ago. Plot (that I remember) It starts off after the events and kids are going into the open door … Continue reading

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Advanced house

Movie submitted by chandra:This movie is about a advanced house with robotics used to work the house, the house overrides instruction given by its creator. In the end the house wants to pro create, and it does. ____________Related posts:Movie about … Continue reading

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Indians charging into an open gate fort

Movie submitted by Niels Petersen :Western, and l believe late 50s or early 60s Movie ends with Indians charging into an open gate fort while the soldiers have hidden in the graveyard to the, side dug in for a surprise … Continue reading

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Black cat followed by a man

Movie submitted by Natiq Khulusi:The movie begins with a black cat followed by a man moving towards a large house in a farm. They are welcomed by a woman who seemed to be in love with the man who seems … Continue reading

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A brother and a sister are abandoned at a big farmhouse

Movie submitted by Marcoz Wells:The movie was set in the 1800s or maybe the early 1900s on the prairie or maybe in a desert or wilderness type setting. It was a horror/thriller type movie. In the trailer, a brother and … Continue reading

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She falls pregnant

Movie submitted by vanessa odonovan:She falls pregnant. Father is pilot in war and denies paternity. She must marry and farmer agrees to marry her without meeting her. They marry but he forgets the ring. They fall in love gradually ____________Related … Continue reading

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Friends for diner

Movie submitted by Nico:Well theres not much I remember of the movie, just that a couple invited some friends over for diner (the whole movie . I think – is in the living room and then the dinner table). I … Continue reading

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