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Cant think of the name, please help

Movie submitted by derek:So this movie has anywhere from 4-8 strangers who wake up in like an abandoned factory not knowing how they got there. It turns out they are connected somehow, and one of them ends up being responsible … Continue reading

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New film

Movie submitted by sally:Hi, a few months ago I saw a short trailer about this movie, where a young girl goes to to live with a family for a while where she can record sounds for her movie or sth … Continue reading

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Baby hit by a truck

Movie submitted by Reem Obeid:A family moved to a new house and their baby got hit by a truck and was buried in an red indian graveyard, he was alive again and turned evil and started killing his family members … Continue reading

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Movie about orphaned brother and sister

Movie submitted by Var:This film is probably from the early 2000 or maybe late 90’s. Siblings picked up in a car by an uncle or distant family member after their parents die. The older man is evil, a scene of … Continue reading

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