Movie submitted by Mat Slagle:

The year, 1996. The company, Biocore, was the leading testing plant for the development of bio-chemical weaponry. They were in the process of harnessing and weaponizing a rare form of Tuberculosis to use against enemy countries. Those enemy countries found out about this and sent an attack on the plant. Dropping seven bombs, they released the infection into the air. It did as they predicted, began killing of thousands of US citizens in the southern United States. But something happened they didn’t predict. The victims didn’t stay dead. The infection reanimated the human tissue bringing them back to life in an animalistic barbaric state. They feel fear, anger, pain, survival, but it’s all purely instinct, no heart, no compassion. They are extremely territorial, however, much like an animal they won’t attack unless provoked. We have adopted the name “barbarics” for them. In the heat of the outbreak, a small group of people were being chased by a small group of zombies, they ran to the top of a small building downtown. The group was holding the door shut as many zombies tried to break in. One of the girls in the group who is dying of a genetic incurable disease, decided she was going to end her life but falling off the edge of the building into a zombie filled alley. Landing on the road, she tears open her knee. A zombie spots her and starts toward her to feed on her, local militia arrive and shoot the zombie down spraying it’s blood into her wound. She is taken into government custody for testing and probable termination upon assumption that she is going to turn. However, over a short period of time she not only began to show signs of recovery from her wound but she showed signs of recovery from the very disease she was dying from. Scientists began to capture, observe, and test zombies to figure out what happened. Through rigorous trials and failures they discovered that up re-animating the human tissue, the Tuberculosis infection took on a whole new strand that was never before seen. This strand targets deteriorating DNA in humans and can cure our genetic diseases. But it is only found in the REANIMATED blood that was once dead and is only affective with blood to blood contact, bites and scratches still turn humans to zombies because that is where the original infection still lives. Fast forward twenty years. We have begun to domesticate the zombies, they now have purpose and are less of a threat and more of a science project to us, we capture them, harvest their blood, and keep them in government holding camps. Captain James Miller is a part of a newly formed swat team that’s sole purpose is to go out and capture “stragglers”. Zombies that are still out in the world and not in the government holding camps.He gets sent out on a mission to bring back more stragglers, he is in the woods and spots one in the distance dragging something… as he gets closer he discovers it’s a dead body. he follows it to the house, it opens the front door and drops the body inside, you see his zombie family come in and feed on the body. James realizes that the zombies have all the basic instincts that any other creature has, including feeding the “pack” for survival. James decides to enter the cabin, as he opens the door he hears three fast foot steps from the darkness and the zombie grabs his gun and punches him out. He awakens to find himself tied to a chair in the cabin, he looks up and sees a fire in the fireplace, and the silhouette of a man is sitting next to the fire, he throws a log into it. You see the silhouette of his head turn towards James, and in a deep raspy voice he says, “Captain…. how’s your head”. James, “Who are you?!”. The man begins to explain to James that among the survival instincts of the “barbarics” is reproduction for the intention of survival of their “species”. Barbarics are zombies that were turned, they were once average human beings. But beneath the surface there has been a new breed waiting to arise. They are called “Primes”. They are the ones born of zombies. “Pure bloods” you might say. They are smarter, they have full speech and motor functions, yet because they are born of zombies they have zombie-like defects such as deteriorating skin cells, increased aggression, territorial instincts, and increased strength. Final scene of the movie is the “Prime” leans into the light to show his face. (sequel intended)

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