Musafir: Story of an Expatriate Traveler

Movie submitted by koushik chatterjee:

Musafir (Indian meaning –> Traveler)

Story of a boy 22 left his home, who lost his parents at the age of 10, left his uncle’s house, to him life is short live passionately, he is a computer science engineering but he is very much passionate about photography, traveling, documentary film.He love someone, whom he never expressed his feelings, till the age of 30.He traveled some many countries, and he faced some many kinds of acts, peoples, cultures, terrorism, and one day he found the girl whom loved since his college days, she along with her friends visit the same country for tour.And after that she came to know that the boy loved her from bottom of her hurt, but due to his brothers and brothers friends he never told her that fact, it took 8 years to tell her that feelings, he left his house because his uncle scold him that he is worthless , and at the same his uncle was the teacher of that girl’s brother, whom he gave much priority , even his uncle planned to make that girl his daughter-in-law too.Due to all this he left with courage n faith , one day he will find himself among some greater pillars of the country.And one day he was awarded with international fame platform, although he won soo many awards, but that award changed his life, and he again get back his lost love.
Live peacefully the rest of the life.

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