The hungry beast – Resolved

Movie submitted by Clarence:

This is not the whole story, just one detail, however, should be an 80’s movie.
Halloween night. Two children, brother and sister, they’re listening to the recorded voice of the grandmother on tape, which explains how to find the next victim of the hungry beast: they have to write the names of family members on some stones and throw them in the fire. The boy follows the instructions and after a while a rock with his name in it jumps off from the fire (he is the chosen). Meanwhile, the parents return. The child goes to sleep and saw two yellow eyes out the window staring at him. Frightened, he calls his father, who enters the room (we see only his outline because he has the light behind him) and embraces his son. The child realizes, however, that he is not his father, but probably the beast itself. Sorry for the few details but I was a kid when I saw this movie. I became frightened and I switched from the channel.

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  1. Pionchan says:

    It is an episode of Tales from the Darkside “The Cutty Black Sow”

  2. Clarence says:

    Thank You!!!!!!! 🙂

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