The Angry Birds

Movie submitted by Tommy Quah:

The story begins in a distant planet, when a race of pig-like aliens are planning to build a Dyson sphere using slaves. The pig-like aliens’ leader decided to organize a reconnaissance mission to search for planets which host civilization and use a type of poisonous and thermoacidophilic creature called “The Green Pigs” to invade and control the inhabitants there,and eventually making them slaves. They also developed a group of curing creatures called “Angry Birds”. A biomechanic spacecraft, which carried these two types of creatures, crash landed on the Moon while heading to Earth.

In Earth year 1972, two Soviet astronauts named Andrei Mikoyan and Vladimir Ilyushin are choosen to go for a secret moon landing mission using LK lander, in order to investigate the remains of the biomechanical spacecraft, which was photographed by Luna 3 probe while the lunar probe was mapping the back side of the Moon. Short after landing, Mikoyan built a lunar rover and brought some scientific equipments to head to the remains of the biomechanical spacecraft. He opens the door, and collecting samples and including crates of “The Green Pigs” and “Angry Birds”, but he accidentally opened the spacecraft laser defense system when he misindentified the switch as a light switch. The spacecraft quickly fire its laser around, but Mikoyan got out narrowly. He quickly heads to the LK lander,and blast off into space with his samples collected.

In the present day, Andrew,who is a US Army commander who take charges in the Area 51, while his brother, Brian,is a cattle rancher and farmer who lives in Wisconsin. One day,while he was ranching his cattles, he was attack by a group of green pigs. His left arm was bitten by the pigs badly and some cattles are terribly hurted by the pigs but Brian narrowly escapes with his brother Andrew, who is having a leave and witnessed that incident. Andrew quickly brings Brian to the hospital for medical treatment. But Brian is having his left arm amputated to prevent the poison from spreading.

Shortly after the incident, Brian get a lot of media attention. A media reporter asked Brian whether he thought that the pigs are genetically modified or the pigs are emerging from somewhere like Chernobyl, but Brian denied these and said, “These silly things shouldn’t have came far away from Chernobyl to Wisconsin. Does it make sense?”

After three days, Andrew is called back to Area 51, as his captain, whose name is Captain Hans had told him that they could know the origins of the pigs. Upon returning there,Andrew is quickly called into a briefing room,and he was told by his captain about the Soviet secret moon landing program. Afterwards, Captain Hans showed him the pictures of “The Green Pigs” which was photographed by Soviets shortly after the secret moon landing and told him the creatures are actually from another derelict UFO,hiding in the bushes of Winscosin, which has recently arrived,and told him to ask his brother if he could identify the pigs which attacked him.

Andrew quickly reachs to his laptop and asked his bedridden brother through MSN.He asked his brother what the pigs look like, and then compares with “The Green Pigs”. He felt surprised when the specifications of the pigs by his brother are all identical to the specifications provided by the pictures.

The Area 51 quickly organized a briefing again when Andrew told his captain about the facts of the pigs.They quickly organize a briefing again, and decided to request the Russians (formerly Soviets) to ship them the samples of “The Green Pigs” and “Angry Birds”.

Upon arrival of the creatures,they quickly experimented them.Realizing that the “Angry Birds” are deadly to “The Green Pigs” and have a short hollow line on its back,which can be easier if the creature is deployed using catapult.

Meanwhile,in almost all over the world,more and more “The Green Pigs” which emerged from Winsconsin,are roaming freely and destructively .As whole planet are going into emergency conditions,Andrew and Captain Hans quickly formed a militia called the Angry Birds Corp ,aiming to eliminate “The Green Pigs”. The militia is also responsible for the resistance movement of “The Green Pigs” all over the world.

The resistance movement is very identical to the resistance movement in the WWII period, as a montage showing the resistances are killing more and more “The Green Pigs” in all over the world. In New York, peoples use catapult to shoot “The Green Pigs” in the Times Square; In London, people are marching past a street filled with the remains of the nefarious creatures; In Paris, more and more these evil creatures on the Eiffel Tower are being shooted down with “Angry Birds” and peoples were shown carrying beheaded evil creatures, marching into the Arc du Triomphe.
Three months later, a last stand of “The Green Pigs” is in Winsconsin, where the creatures had first emerged. After the final showdown of these evilic creatures, Andrew is pulling the catapult with a “Angry Birds” creature. He is at doubtness whether to kept the last “The Green Pigs” alive for medical research, or just killing it. Finally, he killed it when the “Angry Birds” he deployed hits a torn wooden house powerfully, rendering the house collapse and one of the falling debris killed the evil creature.

In the post-credit scene, the last creature of “The Green Pigs” is shown in the biological freezing container in the Area 51

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