Prostitute in costumes. A lesbian in love with an etero. A chain of omicides. – Resolved

Movie submitted by AlessandroN:

This is a film of the first half of the ’90s. Must be an Australian movie. It’s about a group of friends. I remember very well the story of a lesbian that she fall in love with an etero girl, and she’s almost interested but at the end she strongly refuse her in public, so this lesbian girl goes to a concert (o Joan Baez maybe) without her. Into the city, must be Sydney, there is a chain of homicides, but this story it’s a sort of background, the film is not focusing on this. just at the end we found that actually one of the guy of the film is the serial killer. There is also the story of a “funny” young prostitute that has got clients with strange tastes. So she had to wear costumes or organize excentric sexual situations. one of these friends (a virgin one) have sex with her, and maybe fall in love, I don’t remember.
Please you MUST help me. Thank you.

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3 Responses to Prostitute in costumes. A lesbian in love with an etero. A chain of omicides. – Resolved

  1. eric says:

    Since we must… are you sure it’s australian? Because the story is that of canadian movie “Love and Human Remains” (1993), directed by Denys Arcand and set in Montreal.
    The trailer:

    • AlessandroN says:

      Yes thank you! It’s that one. I’m so glad.
      Acctually I was sure it was not an american movie, in fact I was in the middle between Australia and Canada…
      Thanks again Eric (I’ve written more on the Italian side of this site, about this)

  2. AlessandroN says:

    well, now eric I have no idea to how to post SOLVED! There’s nothing to push.

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