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Prostitute in costumes. A lesbian in love with an etero. A chain of omicides. – Resolved

Movie submitted by AlessandroN:This is a film of the first half of the ’90s. Must be an Australian movie. It’s about a group of friends. I remember very well the story of a lesbian that she fall in love with … Continue reading

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The Angry Birds

Movie submitted by Tommy Quah:The story begins in a distant planet, when a race of pig-like aliens are planning to build a Dyson sphere using slaves. The pig-like aliens’ leader decided to organize a reconnaissance mission to search for planets … Continue reading

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Bizzare movie about cameras

Movie submitted by Susan:This movie is about how there are cameras and video tapes rolling where ever you go. In the mall, dressing rooms, department stores. The manager of this store is a big cocaine and sex addict. He sleeps … Continue reading

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