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Boys drive a Ferrari without the permission of the father and they destroy it – Resolved

Movie submitted by Brian Lee:Movie year 80/90. I remember the boys taking the Ferrari of the father of one of them and then put it on the stand with reverse gear to turn back the odometer but I think the … Continue reading

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Indian tribe living in a hidden valley

Movie submitted by Brian Lee:I have a vague memory of a film seen years ago, at night. It’s about a white man who, in present time, discovers an Indian tribe living in a hidden valley that tries to avoid any … Continue reading

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Kid leaves home to join a circus

Movie submitted by Phoenix:50s or 60s movie. It is about a boy who leaves home to join a circus just arrived in his city. In this circus he becomes a horse rider. Heeeeelp! ____________Related posts:Cant remember the title… plsss help … Continue reading

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Cursed Ring

Movie submitted by Clarence:I need the title of an old movie. It is the story of a ring that is removed from the finger of a died old woman by a young woman. Once back home strange incidents occur, such … Continue reading

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The hungry beast – Resolved

Movie submitted by Clarence:This is not the whole story, just one detail, however, should be an 80’s movie. Halloween night. Two children, brother and sister, they’re listening to the recorded voice of the grandmother on tape, which explains how to … Continue reading

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A seal blocking an evil entity

Movie submitted by Jeff:It is a horror-thriller I think of the late ’70s – early ’80s. Place: Eastern Europe (Romania, Carpathian Mountains?), a huge underground cave sealed by a door (or multiple ports) On the door there is a big … Continue reading

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Vietnam: a soldier places his foot on a mine in a rice paddy

Movie submitted by Jeff:I only remember this scene from the film, a group of American soldiers walking in the middle of a rice field, when suddenly one of the soldiers puts his foot on a land mine buried in the … Continue reading

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Man with a mustache and woman on the couch

Movie submitted by Jeff:He has a mustache and there is a young woman on the couch, the young woman’s panties hanging from one foot. At some point a child throws himself on the man’s back breaking his concentration. The next … Continue reading

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A girl makes her perfect boyfriend

Movie submitted by Pionchan: At a party a girl enters inside a computer game where she can create a picture of her ideal guy. She creates a tall blond boy with blue eyes and a nice physique. Shortly after, I … Continue reading

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Invulnerable samurai

Movie submitted by Pionchan: A young boy lives with his family in a forest, every day he is immersed in a barrel with a green substance and beaten by his father. After several dives, his father reveals that this torment … Continue reading

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